PP Non Woven Bags

PP Non Woven Bags, PP Non Woven Travel Bags, Permanent Bags

What are PP Non Woven Bags?

The PP Non Woven Bags are advertising bags with a lasting effect. PP non-woven bags have the best value in terms of environmental compatibility in the relevant studies. At the same time, PP Non Woven Bags achieve long-term customer loyalty thanks to their long service life.

Features of the PP non-woven bags.

The equipment of your bag depends on your specifications. Size, colors, handles, pockets. We do not give the graphic design of your bags. Nevertheless, we support you in the implementation of your graphic design on the bags. From us you get a stand with the floor plan of the bag. If desired, we put your graphic in the stand. After that, your print data will be checked and then sent to you before printing the pockets

More information is available on bagobag.