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 IMG_1457_cut_500On the edges between the short sides and the front and back extends on the outside to the PP woven carrying bag sewn on a tape. Front, bottom and back are made over from one piece of material. The short sides are sewn and then bounded by the tape. Around the ground on the front side of the ground is no edging tape, likewise on the back and the floor no tape.
The tape runs around the short sides and completely around the ground. Thus, the front side and the bottom and rear side are respective pieces which are again sewn together. Inserted as an edge protector, this seam, which holds these parts together, is sewn through the outwardly extending binding tape, which is also sewn. The short sides of the pocket are also partitions, which are enclosed by the side strip running laterally on both short sides. IMG_1485_cut_500
 IMG_1493_cut_500This PP Woven Carry Bag has the strap around the floor. The ground is thus used. The side walls of the pocket are in the form of two offset L letters. The vertical seams thus face one another vertically in the pocket body. The two sections next to the floor thus consist of one front or the rear and one of the two short sides in each case. Large side and small side are thus each made of one piece of material, thus twice per pocket. These two parts per pocket come together in the edges and are sewn vertically inside the bag. This bag thus does not have vertical tapes. Frequent Variant: The ground can also be inserted instead of by a cover tape by a surplus of all four sides pointing to the ground and simply sewn without an extra band.
This PP Woven Carry Bag has a round bottom sewn around. The floor may be enclosed by the overhang of all four sides facing the ground, or by a rectangular band enclosing the ground, and then running on the edge of the ground. The seam also runs along the edges and not at the bottom of the floor. In this model, the pocket body, next to the floor, consists of two elements which are symmetrical and have two opposing staples facing each other. The two vertical proximity thus extend in the two centers of the two short sides. A tape, if any, runs around the floor. As a rule, the ground is held by the bent ends of the other pocket body and without a tape. So the grounds is simply sewn. IMG_1495_cut_500
 IMG_1497_cut_500This PP woven carrying bag has a bottom sewn into the pocket on all four sides. For this purpose, an extension of the sides to the floor is folded over again, and on this extending part of the 4 sides the floor is sewn. In addition to the floor, the bag is made up of two parts, which are welded very centrally in the short sides. So we have the classical fabric seam running horizontally along the ground in this bag and in the short sides then in each case centrally a weld seam vertically. This model is popular with circulating motifs. A tape is not used here. This model is also called a tube model because the two parts of the material, which form the bag next to the ground, form a tube into which the ground is then sewn squarely.